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The second chakra vibrates in orange and governs the sweetness of life. It is the energetic wheel that is associated with qualities such as pleasure, sensitivity, movement, sexuality and procreation.






This chakra is associated with the yellow color and is located in the solar plexus. Their functions are related to power, will, and joy. Its element is fire.




The green heart chakra, Anahata, is our spiritual center. It represents balance, union, healing and love. It acts as a point of connection between the physical world, to which the first three chakras belong and the spiritual dimension, to which the following three are linked.




The fifth chakra is related to communication, sound and creativity. It has a turquoise blue vibration and its element is the ether. It is located in the throat, and in the body it is related to the neck, throat, jaw and teeth.





The sixth chakra is indigo and its element is light. This energy center is located at that point that in the Indian tradition is defined as the "third eye", right between the two eyes. 





The seventh is the chakra of pure consciousness. It is at the center of transcendence, thought and understanding. It is usually associated with the violet color, although its energy is also white: the highest vibration and the one that covers all the existing colors.